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Work From Home Earn $250-$350 Weekly

Wake up from you bed, eat your breakfast, switch on your computer work online  and get paid $200-$300 weekly  for it. Its as Simple as a-b-c.

* Work partime from your Home.
*Set your own working hours (3 hours Mon-Fri is good enough).
*No Experience Necessary.
*Earn $200-$300 Weekly.

Here is a very simple way of working online and earning $200-300 Weekly.

NOTE: This is not MLM, not Google Adwords. You'll do legitimate jobs online. Your employer assign jobs to you and give you a deadline for submission. You'll communicate directly with your employer through email. You deal & work for REAL People.

You'll also be paid into your personal Paypal(we'll show you how to open one) for the jobs you complete/western union money transfer/domiciliary account
No Hidden Payment/Startup Capital!

You don't need any prior experience to work online from home. Access to the internet is all you need and a willingness to learn.

Dear Friend,
Just imagine that its another Monday morning. You don't have to put on a suit, take a bus and get to work. Instead , you eat breakfast at your leisure hours and then you stroll behind your computer. Switch on your computer and start working online. You communicate with your employer through email, get your job specifications and do it. With the completion of each job, you get paid directly into your personal account.

You determine the hours of your work, you work at your own pace, The only person that you are accountable to is the person who hires you... and yourself!. This type of job is called Freelancing or Virtual Worker.

What You Will Get From This Program-
You'll be provided with 20 private internet companies based in the US who are looking for online workers and Web designers to work with them and earn $200-300 working from home. This internet company is looking for the following;

Data Entry Operators (Not Paid survey)
Article Writers
Web Designers
Product Reviewers
Proof Readers
Editors (Document/Word Document Editor)
Customer Services
Online Research
Website Design / Website Marketing
Business Consulting

These Jobs below are available to be filled by interested individuals. One Good thing is that you do not need special skills, Neither do you need qualifications for these Jobs

Simply follow the steps below:
1. Sign up with the coy
2. Get Jobs on their website
3. Do the Job you get
4. Get Paid for doing it.

You can write articles, do data entry jobs, write for blogs, fill forms, design website, virtual assistants etc. You choose what you can do, and you get paid for it

Simple as A-B-C

This is the easiest way to make money online.... definitely. All you need is to know how to browse the internet, visit websites fill forms, reply emails, write articles, type 10 words per minute. You can need a drive for excellence.

If you have the above then this freelance job is for you. Work with an internet company based in the US.

They are looking for data entry operators, Web designers, Translators, Graphic designers, Articles writers, Website reviewers, General admin staffs as well as individuals who can work with them to earn $250 weekly working from home.


What are  the Requirements?

* A computer

*An internet Connection

* Time {3 hours online everyday, mondays-fridays is perfect}

if you can satisfy the above, then you are set to become  a virtual freelance worker.

* No qualification is required. Your performance is based on experience

*You'll be placed on a 3 month probation whereby if your performance is satisfactory, your salary will increase. Please note that with this, the more jobs you do, the more money you get

No qualification is  requied.  Your experience determine your earnings...

Your salary will be paid  through paypal/cheque. We will show you a simple way to open a paypal account.Alternatively ,you will be able to make use of our unified paypal account to collect your salary directly to your bank account.

You will be placed on a 3 month probation whereby if your performance is satisfactory, your salary will  be increased from $250 to $350

Who can do this?

Anyone, as long as you can spare 3 hours online{at your own time & convinience- everyday}

What will I be doing?

As a data entry operator: you will be  filling forms, checking emails, typing data, & articles.

As a webdesigner: you will be designing/uploading websites.

As an article writer: you will be writing articles and doing online research.

As a individual: you will be doing basic admin job like filling emails, organising directories, filling forms&basic site advertising.

How Do I get paid?
Your Employer pay you directly into your dormicilliary account, ebullion account or a Paypal Account( We'll show you how to open one Stress free without any charges). The paypal payment can then be converted into Nigerian naira Directly through our currency Exchange system( We'll Help you do that). You could be paid by direct bank transfer into your domiciliary account as well. ( some of the internet companies do this ).

How do I get started?

for you to get started, you will need a copy of the starter pack that takes you through the process.

The starter pack contains your job, job specification/procedure of work  and how to get paid as a Nigerian.

How much is the pack

Price is N3,000 only( The Pack will be sent to you via E-Mail )

The starter pack contains How to sign up with the internet company and procedure of working. It takes you through the procedure of signing up and getting a job and without it, you may not be able to work. It also show you how to do this as a Nigerian. Please note that this programme will stop as soon as we have enough people sign up.


"See Real Cash In Days Or Get All Your Money Back 100% Guarantee!"

Download your
"Work From Home Internet System" right now, and use it for 60 days - 100% risk free.

If at anytime within those 60 days, you don't think this system will help you bid farewell to your day job - and work securely and comfortably at home, I'll give back every penny you gave me, no questions asked


If you don't see cash coming in within days from now, then I insist you ask for a full refund. I don't want your money if my system doesn't deliver!


Please note that  no payment   will be made to the internet company online. Not even a cent.

You can apply for this programme from anywhere in the country. Your pack will be sent to you by post/email.


To get a copy of the starter pack, All payment can be made to

STEP 1: Payment Information

Pay into any Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB)

Account Name: Uadiale Charles

Account No.:423-447091-1590    
Text your teller no, Name, email address and package paid for,  After payment to and your pack will be sent to your email

 STEP 2: Payment Confirmation

After payment, you'll need to send a payment notification through text to 08025069328 OR 08052600478.

Your starter pack will then be sent to you through email. ( Please note that you can order this anywhere in the country and you 'll get this pack through your email address. You'll then be able to start your own Job online, working from home.

Kindly remember to provide the following details:

1. Your Name
2. Teller Number
3. Your Email Address
4. Phone Number

5. Work from home pack


Your package will then be sent to you within 24 hours of making payment.