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People have made millions on the internet, people are making millions on the internet and people will continue to make millions on the internet. People start to work at home in their spare time then move on to start a small business sometimes earning enough from it to quit their jobs.


You must recognize that the rich, who earn possibly 100 times more than you do, aren't 100 times smarter and don't work 100 times harder. They just  know more; they know the rules of business and making money. And they are willing to learn more.


This site will show you how to make money. You don't need to be a technical whizzkid or a programmer. Some of the biggest online earners were like you full of ideas and enthusiasm but no or little technical knowledge.


Personal development is your only guaranteed path to success, and each step you take along that path is something that can never be taken away from you.


When you know the rules of making money, success is a lot easier. 

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